December 2016

Be a Holiday Hero

We’ve got the cocktail list, you’ve got the guest list. Our catering options provide a refreshing a break from the norm you’ll see at everyother holiday party this year. With so many fully customizable options at your fingertips, your party will be one to remember.
Plus with 14 years of experience our team at Spuntino knows how to throw a party, what happens at your event stays at your event.



November 2016

Flying With The Stars 2016

Our 3rd Annual Flying with the Stars was a huge success. Together we raised over $20,000 for The Dolphins Cancer Challenge and Operation Lift Hope.
This year guests were lucky enough to enjoy a large silent auction including a large variety of luxury items from jewelry, sports paraphernalia, to wine.
As well as a once-in-a-lifetime wine-paired 5-course dinner prepared by 2 Italian Michelin-starred chefs, Davide Brovelli of Il Sole di Ranco and Tommaso Arrigoni of Innocenti Evasioni, in collaboration with Graspa Group’s own chefs from Salumeria 104, Midtown Oyster Bar, and Spuntino. View event photos here!

































October 2016

Party Planning?

We have everything you need! From chefs to decor, it’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season. We offer world-class cuisine, full premium bar service, easy rentals and everything else you might need to make your event a success. We focus on quality ingredients and offer a variety of menu options for your corporate, cocktail or holiday parties.

August 2016

Summer Vibes

Little beats the feeling of sharing summer weekends with friends and amazing food in your backyard, just relaxing by the pool. And that usually entails a BBQ. Slow-roasted pork loin, spicy chicken legs, coleslaw, roasted corn… yes… BBQ…

Now your mind might be wondering towards the mess and prep time a BBQ really means. DON’T!

Our team can come in and seamlessly prepare summer favorites without the hassle. That way you can enjoy frozen margaritas, play with the kids (slip n’ slides are pretty awesome!), host an unforgettable afternoon and still feel relaxed (no clean up!).

Let us know if you want to take advantage of the last few weeks of summer break to make a statement as the best BBQ host this year ;o)





July 2016

Dance under the Light

Let Spuntino’s event planner be your warrior. In honor of the great Muhammed Ali who once said this about preparation: “I run on the road long before I dance under the lights.”  Call us now so we can take the “punches” while you do all the dancing on your special day. Email or call 305-744-6428

May 2016

I Know How She Does IT!

From Chef Carlo Donadoni:
“I’m from Milan, 100%. So much so my family lost count of how many generations we go back. With that said, another tell-tale of being from Milan is your ability to make Risotto alla Milanese. If you can’t, your family is probably not really from Milan…
My mom’s Risotto alla Milanese is the best I’ve ever had, and her recipe, which I use faithfully, is unmatched. But until recently, she refused to share it and the secrecy made it that much more special. The crunchy bone marrow with a perfect al dente rice and creamy saffron sauce are just absolutely deliciously perfect together, from flavors to textures. Maybe the special ingredient is her love. But Mom: don’t worry, I will keep your secret recipe safe!”





April 2016

Creativity is in Simplicity

4 organic heirloom tomatoes (check your farmers market)
1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 large shallot
Salt and pepper to taste
A pinch of brown sugar
2 sprigs of fresh thyme
First, peel the tomatoes and remove the seeds. Next, dice the shallots. Sautee shallots and tomatoes in the extra virgin olive oil; salt and pepper to taste and add brown sugar and fresh thyme. Remove from stove and let it cool then blend it all together.
Pronto! Enjoy it with an aged Pecorino or Manchego, or spread it on a fresh Focaccia bread

March 2016

Meet Alyssa

Her name is Alyssa Rachelle Willis and she is the newest addition to the family as the Event Coordinator for Spuntino Catering. Born and raised in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, she chose college as her ticket out of the cold and landed at University of Central Florida.
There she studied Hospitality and Event Management. After six years in Orlando, she decided it still wasn’t warm enough so, she packed up again and moved to Miami.
When she is not working, she enjoys exploring all the things this amazing city has to offer.
But she loves working for Spuntino so, if you’re planning an event, call her


Optimized-Seared Ahi

February 2016

Spuntino Gets Artsy

February is an exciting month featuring Art Wynwood and the Miami International Boat Show! Spuntino Bakery and Catering will serve its amazing food at both events in different formats.
At Art Wynwood, as during Art Miami, Spuntino will host the café portion of the exhibition with a

limited menu and a full bar for guests to enjoy, as well as a VIP lounge. Integrating our chef-driven restaurant destinations, the café will be Salumeria 104-inspired with plenty of Italian cured meats, paninis and salads to choose from. Meanwhile the lounge will showcase some of Midtown Oyster Bar’s favorite bites such as the crab cakes, mac & lob and the must-try edamame, curry & crab soup!

During the Boat Show, this year for the first time on Key Biscayne, Spuntino will cater the “Made in Italy” brand Mangusta Yacht, an OverMarine company. Guests at the by-invitation-only opening cocktail reception will enjoy passed hors d’oeuvres, a small buffet and plenty of delicious wine. And throughout the weekend, on the floating expansive booth, Spuntino will serve Italian coffee service with house made pastries followed by lunchtime mini paninis, salads then afternoon sweet delights with an assortment of tiny desserts like macaroons and tiramisu and truffle chocolates.
It’s a month filled with art, extravaganza and deliciousness. On land and water. Spuntino style.

January 2016

20 Ways to Be a Better Host

Most of us know how to throw a party. But how do we throw a great party? That’s the question we posed to a few chefs, managers, and bartenders at Danny Meyer’s New York City restaurants (known for their over-the-top service). Here’s what Dan Jackson of the MoMA Cafes, Gia SanAngelo of Untitled at the Whitney, Mike Shain of Porchlight, and Simon King of the Modern had to say.  Read Full Article