History of FWTS

History of FWTS

How “Flying With The Stars” Began…

On March 2013, American Airlines implemented their first direct flight from Miami to Milan. Peter Vittori, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing for American Airlines, asked Salumeria 104 masterminds (Angelo Masarin and Carlo Donadoni) to help celebrate the first flight. As a regular customer at the Italian restaurant, he knew what this team’s capabilities were. To pay appropriate homage to such an occasion, Salumeria 104 owners decided to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony using nothing less than an authentic salumi slicing machine. During the ceremony, fresh prosciutto was sliced for guests accompanied by grissini and cantuccini.

Due to the event’s success, Peter, Angelo, and Carlo discussed future collaborations. They ideated “Flying With The Stars,” a project to bring Michelin Star chefs from Italy to create a one-of-a-kind event that would have a charitable purpose. The event would also promote Salumeria 104 and Spuntino’s partnership with the well-regarded Italian chefs.

October  2014:  The First FWTS

Salumeria 104 in Midtown Miami hosted the first event. Davide Brovelli, Michelin Star chef from the restaurant in Il Sole Di Ranco in Italy, flew in to join the preparations. The event’s founders decided that all proceeds should benefit a charity, so they partnered with the Mourning Family Foundation which focuses on youth development through advocacy, education, and enrichment. A silent auction took place in the restaurant for items that were graciously donated. The goal for the evening was for the forty-eight guests to have a fantastic experience while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and a five-course wine paired dinner. With high spirits, it was concluded that the first “Flying With The Stars” was a success, and a great amount of donations were received.

October  2015:  The Second Annual FWTS

Due to the previous year’s victory, it became obvious that the event needed to be extended into a two-night affair. It took place at the former Al Capone Mansion, and this time there were three Michelin Star chefs in attendace: Luigi Taglienti (executive chef at Lume Milano), Alberto Buratti (chef at Koine Restaurant), and Claudio Ceriotti (executive chef at Hostaria Rid e Pacia). Each night had a varying menu for a five-course wine paired dinner; the first night was a Salumeria 104 themed menu, and the second night was a Midtown Oyster Bar themed menu. There were 60 guests in attendance each night and silent auction items to bid on, once again. All proceeds went to the Miami Children’s Health Foundation benefiting Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, which creates awareness and generates funds to help save the lives of children from over 90 countries.


October  2016:  The Third Annual FWTS

For a third consecutive year, the creators behind successful Miami restaurants Midtown Oyster Bar and Salumeria 104 organized the gala dinner in partnership with American Airlines and two Michelin-starred Italian chefs. This included Chef Davide Brovelli from Il Sole di Ranco and Chef Tommaso Arrigoni from Innocenti Evasioni along with chefs Angelo Masarin and Carlo Donadoni. This year, the event centered on a “well-being” theme where they created a culinary experience that was luring for the eyes & palates while utilizing healthy ingredients with beneficial nutrients that help boost the immune system. Proceeds went to the Dolphins Cancer Challenge, dedicated to improving people’s lives through the financial support of innovated cancer research at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center along with Operation Lift Hope, who helps homeless veterans and families in South Florida.

October  2017:  The Fourth Annual FWTS

This year, the key players of this international event will be partnering with The Perry J. Cohen Foundation. All proceeds from the auctions will be benefitting this charity, which was created to carry on Perry’s legacy and support what he was most passionate about: the arts, environmental science, marine & wildlife education and preservation, teenage entrepreneurship, and boating safety education. The goal is to create an event whose size exceeds all previous “Flying With The Stars” affairs. Michelin Star chefs Alessandro Dal Degan from “La Tana Gourmet Asiago Vicenza”, Tommaso Arrigoni from “Innocenti Evasioni Mlano,” and Luigi Pomata from “Luigi Pomata Cagliari” will be crafting dinner along with local chefs Angelo Masarin and Carlo Donadoni.

Please save the date for Thursday October 19th 2017 and stay tuned for more details, because you do not want to miss out on any part of this star-studded event!