Chef Carlo Donadoni

Chef Carlo Donadoni
Executive Chef and Operating Owner

Carlo Donadoni is the creative mind behind all menu creations at Spuntino Bakery and Catering. An avid learner by nature, he never rests on his laurels when it comes to food. He is zealous about finding authentic flavors. So he often wears the “ingredient-finder” hat whereby he travels to Europe to meet with distributors in person, see their process and taste the different options, on site.

Donadoni was born and raised in Milan, Italy. His passion for food was innate, and after grade school, he pursued and obtained his Italian professional chef’s certificate from the Istituto Alberghiero Ponte di Legno in Lombardia, Northern Italy.

He moved to Sarasota, Florida in 1995 to open a restaurant but continued to own his restaurant in Greece, Ristorante Sottovento. He was introduced to Graziano Sbroggio in 1997 and immediately became the main course chef to complement the pasta chef at TiramesU’s new location on Lincoln Road. A year later, together, Donadoni and Sbroggio launched TiramesU’s catering enterprise due to the high-volume of requests. Shortly thereafter, Spuntino Bakery was created, also by Donadoni and Sbroggio, to fulfill a growing demand for fresh breads for Sbroggio’s portfolio of restaurants. Finally, it was in 2004 that the bakery and catering merged and Spuntino Bakery and Catering was born.

Today, Spuntino is the caterer of choice for Miami’s world-celebrated art shows, boat shows, luxury brands and high net worth individuals. But it is also the go-to caterer for corporate luncheons and private dinners.

Donadoni is also co-owner of two popular Midtown Miami restaurants: Salumeria 104, opened in 2011, and Midtown Oyster Bar, opened in 2014. With Chef Angelo Masarin at the helm, both locations have a loyal following and often rank as one of the best restaurants in Miami.

Chef Davide Piana
Executive Chef

In the United States since 1996, Executive Chef Davide Piana has worked in some of Miami’s most notable kitchens including Escopazzo, team with which he participated in the James Beard House, Caffe Milano and Sardinia Italian restaurant.

His versatility defines his style as Executive Chef where he is continually pushing the boundaries of gastronomic possibilities. Meanwhile his passion for the art of cooking has grown to support the integration of healthy and seasonal ingredients in his dish creations.

With more than 25 years of experience that started in Italy, Chef Piana crafts superior traditional dishes but he excels in developing unique menus, often “with an edge” where he embraces his culinary instincts for the next food trends. He also brings an additional layer of unique skills with his in-depth knowledge of kosher, food allergies, gluten-free and organic-based cuisines.

After leading two of Miami’s top catering businesses, Chef Piana joined Spuntino. He has found a special connection with the rest of the Spuntino team for whom quality ingredients come first as well. His attention to details is reflected in the zealous work of minutiae required in catering. His ability to produce impeccably executed food with precision whether for an intimate dinner or large scale event is laudable.

Chef Piana holds two degrees from Riolo Terme, Italy, one certifying him as a Professional Chef and the other in Hotel and Restaurant Management. These have formulated his approach to cooking with a keen business sense, an asset for any catering business but also a good value for clients.

Chef Davide Piana